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How our Clients Feel About Us

"Randal and I would just like to thank you for blessing us with Tate (aka Fred). He has become a member of the family and everyone who sees him comments on how handsome he looks. They also want to know the breeder information. Our experience communicating with you and the whole process was awesome! You hear stories of breeders who seem to be in it to make a dollar but it is easy to see that's not the case with OLeos' Acres Catahoulas. It is plain to see that you care for your dogs and the breed. Even after the the pup enters into their new homes, you still show how much you care. That in itself, speaks volumes of the type of person you are. Thank you again and GOD bless you and yours." Randal and Sheila Hall - Tate

"Rusti is such a wonderful addition to our family. He fit right in from the beginning. Sheryl has been amazing to work with. She continues to check in on him and pray for him when he needs it. I’m so thankful I found them after doing a lot of research." S.E. - Rusti

"I am so honored to have a puppy from O leos Acres. Sheryl and her husband David are very special people. Ive know Sheryl for over a year now. We have become very close. In fact she is now my family. When things didn’t workout for me a couple times, I chose to stick with them and stay on the waitlist . Sheryl is an amazing breeder, she thoroughly cares for all her dogs. She breeds to enhance the Catahoula bloodline, not just for the money. That shows a lot about her character as a breeder and a person. To get one of her pups is like hitting the lottery. My little Croix is so handsome, intelligent, sweet, loving and just all around amazing. He makes having a puppy look easy. I honestly couldn’t have asked for a better dog for my family. I wouldn’t hesitate to come back to O’leos Acres should we want a puppy in the future. ❤️🥰" Rachel G. - Croix

"We recently purchased a puppy from David and Sheryl. We didn't just get a great puppy we got some really great friends now. We waited a year for our Bella and she is everything we hoped for. David and Sheryl really and truly care for their puppies and their customers. Totally worth the wait 🥰💯❤" Renee T. - Bella

"Amazing folks and knowledgeable breeders. Mrs. Sheryl makes sure to match the right pup to the right owner. I was seeking a high drive catahoula for hunting and boy did she deliver. Boone is amazing! he is high drive and aims to please. I highly recommend O'Leos' Acres. I'm sure I'll be getting another one!" - Rocky B. - Boone, Excel, AL

"We received our sweet girl Harley a little over a month ago. We had been speaking with this breeder since early 2020 about adding to our family. We currently have a 6 year old Catahoula mix and love the breed. The process was easy, fair and we felt like family during our interactions with Sheryl. We were able to see our sweet girl born via video and was included in many videos and photos of her as she grew before we were able to get her. Sheryl truly cares about her animals and treats them with such love. I am so happy that we were able to find her and feel blessed with our little girl Harley and can’t wait to see what our lil diva can do. She is smart, healthy and absolutely beautiful! Thanks Sheryl for everything you do!" - Reedy Family - Harley

This is what Ashley M. had to say about his experience with us, check it out!  "I am new to the Catahoula world but have 2 old bloodlines from Texas and Louisiana. I am learning a lot about these dogs every day. I researched your line and found old lines as well so I decided to give Miko a shot. And wow am I glad I did! TOTALLY impressed with how you handle these dogs and how Miko is turning out. He has blown our expectations out of the water. The dog performs like a pro in whatever task he’s faced with. At 6 mos old not only is he bloodtrailing like a champ, but is starting to herd my cattle and a great gaurd dog. Miko does NOT have a backup gear! He is so determined with every task. But when he’s not working he is the best pet or friend you can get. Always by your side, comes easily when called , loads up on command and even returns to his pen when told. Unbelievable. As you know I also have a 4 yr old and he’s so protective of her. When he’s in the truck he will not allow anyone near it. Especially with my daughter in it. And he is so gentle with her. I have always said a Catahoula is the most versatile dog out there. Miko has sure proven that so far. I could not be happier and is a true testament to your expertise with the breed and the old lines. Thank you so much for trusting us with this dog. As someone once said, you don’t own a Catahoula... a Catahoula owns you! God bless."  - Ashley M. - Miko, Excel, AL

If you are looking for beautiful, healthy puppies this is your place. Ms. Sheryl is super friendly and passionate about her puppies, and the dams and sires. I believe people are put in our path for a reason. We were looking for a blue leopard for my son’s 16th birthday. We searched and searched with no luck. A month or so after his birthday I received a call from a number I didn’t recognize. Usually, I don’t answer those but this one I did. I am so thankful that I did. On the other end of the line there was this happy, delightful southern accented woman. I felt like I had known her for years in just a few minutes. We talked about a puppy that we had put a deposit on located at another breeder, which had a small health condition. By the time I got off the phone with Ms. Sheryl, I knew she had a puppy for us or would have a puppy for us. The process has been smooth, informative, and most of all, she kept me informed of everything going on. I highly recommend her and her husband if you are looking. I will go directly to her if I ever have the longing for a puppy. - D. Westberry - Bleu

Such an incredible experience with Sheryl and her husband! They were extremely helpful and kept us posted about the pups throughout the whole process. Very nice people and very healthy pups! Phenomenal blood lines! We could not be happier! You can tell they treat each pup like it’s their own! I highly recommend! Such a genuine place in their heart for each and every animal! - C. Gaffney - Mahi

Phenomenal folks! We couldn’t have asked for a better experience. Sheryl & David kept us updated throughout the process; sent pictures, all the updates from their vet visit, loved each puppy to the fullest, and welcomed our family from N.C. (gave us good advice for picking a hotel & eating dinner)...definitely good people all around! Sheryl & David made our 16hr round trip totally worth the while & we couldn’t be more pleased with “Ace” & are thankful to have made new friends from this transaction as well! - A. Wilson - Ace

Well, what can I say about O’leos acres Catahoulas...AMAZING!! Miss Sheryl and David are absolutely amazing people. We recently picked up our angel Callie one week ago today. The whole process was nothing short of perfect. Sheryl and David kept us posted with pictures and videos which were so great to see, it felt like we were part of the whole process from the beginning. Sheryl and David care so much for the dogs and puppies, it’s pretty obvious where their passion is. What made this experience so incredible was the feeling of “family”... not just purchasing a puppy. I would highly recommend them when it comes getting a Catahoula. In addition to meeting two incredible people. Thanks Sheryl and David! The Reiter’s, Michael, Kristen, and Kendal

Raising Catahoulas myself I can tell you these people are top notch. Very knowledgeable, friendly and take great care of their dogs. The pup I have gotten from them so far is top notch as well!! Great bloodline and it shows! - A. McPhaul

We picked up our pup not only is he beautiful, but 2 days later he was barking at and trying to chase down a deer on our property! Highly recommend! - J & R Temples